1. To have two teaching and patient consultation missions this year at the Rosales Hospital, to include medical and nursing students from the Brody ECU School of Medicine and Nursing and faculty and cardiology fellows from UNC-Chapel Hill and ECU, among others. Patients operated at HEODRA in February, 2017 and those with mitral valvulotomies performed by UNC interventionists will be evaluated in the trip of August 26-September 9, 2017.

2. Continue and broaden the nursing educational and research projects, including teleconferences between nursing faculty and students of ECU and those of UNAN-León and the Rosales Hospital.

3. Dr. Brumfield and his team to perform ablations of cardiac arrhythmias in León for the first time in July, 2017.

4. To prepare for further types of interventional cardiology procedures for patients with rheumatic mitral valve disease and various congenital heart diseases in the mission trip of February, 2018.

5. To send a container with needed supplies for open heart procedures in February, 2018, along with other appropriate medical equipment.