Future Trips

Hello, all,

Greetings to you all.  We’re starting to plan for the September 2018 trip.  The interventional team will be there September 1-8, the surgical group September 8-15, the students and some of the rest of us September 1-15.  I know that it seems a little early to plan for this, but my experience is that early preparation prevents problems when we arrive, and aids the work of our colleagues in Nicaragua.  This year, I’m aiming to have all the information in by late June.

One new item is the application and waiver, which all of us must complete and sign before the trip.  It’s pretty simple to complete, and the waiver protects our organization, PHL.  It’s available on the website (projecthealthforleon.org), and if you could fill it out and send it to me (PHL, PO Box 1209, Greenville, NC, 27835) I’d appreciate it.  Another requirement I’m afraid we have to fulfill is to send your basic specialization certificate (for example, ABIM for cardiologists).  For anyone new to the experience, I’ll need a brief CV (not for students).  I could send you a copy if you need an example, or you could obtain one from your colleagues who have  been before.  I’ll also need advance specialization board certificates (e.g. Cardiovascular Surgery) from new members.  I’ll still be able to obtain your current licenses on-line.  We will need a list of all participants, dates of arrival and departure, and flights and times.  Again, I’m very hopeful we can get this done by June.  Also, please send me your room preferences (single, double, triple, and whom, if anyone, you’d like to room with)  so I can send them to the Hotel Austria.

One other important item is a list of supplies and medications, quantities, dates of expiration, and value.  Please send them to Carlos Espinoza (uci50519@gmail.com).  If anyone wants to send anything by container, please let me know ASAP, as we have to have it sent by the end of June also.

Looking forward to seeing many of you and working with you in Nicaragua again.  I’m sure I didn’t send this to everyone who will be coming, so please share it with any of your colleagues who would like to do this.