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Project Health for León is a group of health care providers whose principal goal is to improve the quality of medical care provided to the poor of Nicaragua through education of doctors and nurses, the provision of appropriate medical technology and resources, and direct patient consultation and care, where such is not available currently in Nicaragua.

Project Health for León had its beginning in January,1985, when Dr. John Paar, a Raleigh, North Carolina, Cardiologist, first visited the Hospital Escuela Oscar Danilo Rosales A. in León, Nicaragua, to give lectures in cardiology, following an invitation by Dr. Gustavo Sequeira of  León.

Dr. Paar had first visited Nicaragua in 1984 with Witness for Peace and became acquainted with the desperate state of health affairs in that country.  Following the 1985 visit many health professionals from various disciplines came to León to present conferences and see patients. In addition, some Nicaraguan patients were brought to Raleigh, North Carolina for specialty care

Since that time many U.S. physicians and surgeons, nurses, and technicians have participated in Project Health for León missions in various fields of medicine, including initially in general and specialty surgeons, orthopedists, pediatricians, and others. The orthopedists formed an autonomous group, COAN, which continues to be active, not only in León but in other areas of Nicaragua, and general surgeons have also recently formed a separate group. Project Health for León now is mainly concerned with cardiovascular disease and with bidirectional medical education, meaning that we educate learners from the U.S., as well as Nicaraguan health professionals and students in both countries.




Project Health for León is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, supported 100% by gifts from private sector.  We receive no government funding.  We depend completely on generous individuals, foundations,      corporations, churches and other nonprofit organizations for our total support.  You can participate  in the following ways:

  • Give money so these efforts can continue
  • If a health professional, contact us as to how you might share your abilities
  • If a hospital or medical clinic, contact us concerning well-functioning, appropriate medical equipment, medical or surgical supplies.


   Please mail your donations to:

Project Health for León
P.O. Box 9189-0189

Asheville, North Carolina 28815

                                   Dr. Eric D Van Tassel, Cardiologist, President                                           Asheville, NC (828) 713-8989, ericvmd8@gmail.com

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-814-5400.  This license is not an endorsement by the State.


Project Health for León

Mission Statement


Promote  medical care

              Improve education of health professionals

                             Acquisition of medical technology

                                             Direct patient consultation and surgical care

For the people of Nicaragua and in the United States


Our Service

Project Health for León

The mission of Project Health for León is to promote the improvement of medical care for the people of Nicaragua through education of health professionals, the acquisition of appropriate medical technology, and, when necessary, by direct patient consultation and medical and surgical care, both in Nicaragua and in the United States.