Future Trips

“Please see the Annual Newsletter on this website.”

Our ambitious plan was to return in July with an EP group led by Dr. Brumfield, and in October with a surgical group headed by Dr. Ted Koutlas. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has put these plans in jeopardy. Dr. Brumfield’s group has postponed the 2020 EP mission for September 5th-13th. We don’t think anyone knows when global travel will safely resume, though We hope that will be a possibility by then.  More problematic will be the effects of the infection on Nicaragua. The few cases so far reported there are almost certainly an underestimation. The country, with its high rate of poverty, scant medical care, and lack of resources, is certainly at a high risk for widespread infection. We are currently working on getting personal protective equipment to send it to the frontline workers in Nicaragua.  We should know more about this in the near future, but we certainly don’t want to put our teams in jeopardy.

We have provided HEODRA hospital with 220 (N-95) masks for the physicians and nurses working in the COVID-19 unit and will deliver 220 more in a couple of weeks.